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This is the first of seven stories investigating the crimes in the nursery rhymes that little ones hear so often. It is reminiscent of the fractured fairytale format where something well-known is turned on its head and examined more closely, told from a different perspective and raises issues that might not otherwise have been thought about. Cleverly illustrated by David Atze that takes it out of the realm of the usual cutsie graphics of nursery rhymes, this is fun and perfect for those who like something out of left-field. Beware the Deep Dark Forest.

Sue Whiting. Anne White. Walker Books , Despite the strange noises that made her knees wobble and made her eyes as round as the moon, she put her brave on and in she went, going further and further into the unknown, calling for Tinky. But then she came across something worse than a venomous snake or a carnivorous plant…. So much scope for follow-up activities too! Stories that engage and involve readers so they become part of the action are my favourites — this would be one of those.

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears. Alastair Chisholm.

Smother Goose: Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: A gender analysis

Jez Tuya. It may not be the story Dad set out to tell, but together, he and Jamie create something much more energetic and hilarious than they could have alone. Familiar to nearly every parent who has set out to tell their little one a bedtime story only to find that their child has very definite ideas on what the story should be about and what should happen, this is a lovely story that incorporates all the familiar characters of traditional fairy tales but with a modern twist. It just takes some imagination. The Return of the Jabberwock.

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Oakley Graham. David Neale. Big Sky A long time ago, before you were born,. Lived a beast with eyes of flame and horns! Your great grandfather defeated the Jabberwock beast. And returned home to a magnificent victory feast! Monsters with long spidery legs, ugly beaks and toothless smiles, a turtle-like creature with the ears of a hog and the mouth of a shark… Bravely he continues on his quest but his legs turn to jelly when he sees two scary creatures — could these be the legendary Jubjub bird and the ferocious Bandersnatch?

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Courageous though he is, when the Jabberwock itself appears, it is too much and the boy flees…. With its atmospheric colour palette, the scene is set for an adventure like no other as each of us hopes we would be as brave as the little boy — but acknowledge there are limits. Do I stay or do I not? Considered one of the greatest nonsense poems written in English, Carroll penned the first verse in and since then its meaning has been discussed and debated. It is, indeed, a frabjous day when we find such a rich resource. Lou Carter. Deborah Allwright. Bloomsbury, Most stories about dragons have the dragon capturing a princess and fighting the brave knight who comes to save her.

There are no dragons in this story! And then he spies a boy climbing a beanstalk. This is a charming, colorful romp through a lot of childhood favourites that young children will delight in recalling and discussing the various forms the villain takes if it is not a dragon. They will connect with characters and settings they know while the left-to-right direction of print is emphasised with the vivid and clever illustrations. Older children can venture down the path of learning about stereotypes and how preconceived notions can lead to unfounded expectations, perhaps even starting to gather a collection of stories where the stereotype is challenged and then starting to examine their own prejudices.

Quality stories always have lots of layers to suit lots of readers — this is one of those. The Princess and the Frogs. Veronica Bartles. Sara Palacios. Fruits and vegetables star in this tribute to things that move. A girl discovers a new world when she is invited to study sorcery. A girl deals with an irresponsible father, her mother's boyfriend and her changing relationship with her best friend, Jonah.

Otto Seibold. For her birthday, Fuchsia receives a hat with a magic fairy inside.

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A distant relative of Mother Goose retells 12 nursery rhymes. Four friends try to save their town when wicked creatures from a card game come to life. All ages Princess Penelope Takes Charge! When she learns that she will become a big sister, a princess gets a few surprises. A pig trying to write his masterpiece begs readers not to turn the pages and disturb him.

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Amina wants to lose her tooth while staying with family in West Africa so that she can be visited by the African tooth fairy. Edward M. Kennedy, illus. The friendship between a baby hippo and an old tortoise.

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A girl tires to figure out her place in the neighborhood—and in the world. A girl with an autistic brother wonders what it means to have a normal life. Baseball and a wise grandmother help a boy rally during the hardest summer of his life. This art mystery is a sequel to Chasing Vermeer. The father of a teen with an enviable life is diagnosed with cancer. Benji must come to grips with a tortured past. America by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. Series Let's Start! Jesus Loves Me! A family of bears celebrates this song. Grandmother's kitchen transforms into African terrain.

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Chicks search for breakfast in the farmyard. Little Quack meets Little Ribbit. A lonely cloud boy in the sky makes friends.

Hennessy, illus. Morton wishes he had a dragon instead of a little brother. Claire discovers what happens after a fairytale ending. Barnyard animals try to motivate the lazy pigs. Gregory Christie, is an ode to persevering in the face of opposition. A boy's beliefs are challenged when he meets Jackie Robinson. Could doing homework be a thing of the past?

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Jules and Gen travel to the future to prevent a plot to manipulate history. A girl and an autistic boy change each other's life. Dina Friedman. Life suddenly speeds up when Shug starts junior high school.