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Taking a road trip is one way to get an up-close glimpse of unique towns and cities. This type of travel can also afford tourists the opportunity to see majestic sights such as mountains, canyons, rivers, and natural desert formations. This roadway stretches 40 miles, winding its way around mountains, through forests, and along shorelines.

Visitors can pull off the road at many different spots to take in vistas or wander off the road to hike on trails. The road also goes through various harbor towns, including Bar Harbor.

Allow at least three hours to drive this scenic byway. All sections of the parkway were completed to connect the entire system in The northern terminus is located near Waynesboro, Virginia, and the southern terminus is located north of Bryson City, North Carolina.

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Route 1, is located in southeast Florida. This highway has been designated as an All-American Road. Spanning more than miles, the road allows drivers to look in almost every direction while traveling to see the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The highway boasts plentiful vistas and natural areas that contribute to a feeling of island paradise. The pace is a little slower in the Florida Keys, with people enjoying a more laid-back lifestyle.

Travelers taking the Bayou Teche Scenic Byway in Louisiana will wind their way over a mile highway that features breathtaking landscapes.

Unforgettable Road Trips: 12 Road Trips you should not miss

This trip also gives visitors a unique glimpse into the French Cajun and Anglo-Saxon cultures, which dominate various areas of the byway. Stop at cafes along the way to sample local cuisine. Many historic districts line the way with landmarks and buildings still standing and available for touring. This majestic river snakes along or through 10 states on its way down to empty into the Gulf of Mexico.

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  • The Great River Road is a scenic byway that travels along the Mississippi River, through the same 10 states. The desert safari was a complete package including jeep and camel ride, cultural program,sumptuous food and overnight stay in the range of INR - per person. The sectional view of the camp After a while we were standing amidst sand dunes something which we have seen only in movies and in stills. The camels moving in a row were constantly reminding me of the book 'The alchemist'.

    The quintessential camel ride. We came back to the warm welcome and great display of hospitality,the hallmark of Rajasthan.

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    The surreal soiree culminated in the cultural program and delectable rajasthani food. Like gadihari lake and patwa ki haveli which we couldn't explore due to time constraint.. The royal feeling stays with you for long. Unravelling Rajasthan is surely a travel goal worth going for!! Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Momspresso.

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    Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them. Read More. Explore Mycity4kids Meet Our Contributors. GOT IT. My unforgettable road trip to Jaisalmer. Oct 18, It is this dry weather that characterised the season and the low disease pressure coupled with ideal conditions for flowering and early development set the vines up for an excellent season.

    With virtually no rainfall between January and April, fruit quality in all areas was very good though some heat stress in February led to isolated defoliation.

    Road trip | 4 Steps to Having an Unforgettable Road Trip

    The fruit for the comes from Langhorne Creek and from the Riverland. Langhorne Creek is often overlooked in favour of the more glitzy McLaren Vale and Barossa but it is a region with over years history and some remarkable old vineyards. Situated on a flood plain close to the impressive Lake Alexandrina, our dry grown old Grenache vines produce tight bunches of well balanced, succulent fruit. Shiraz on a higher trellis system helps fruit health and balance. The Mataro is from old, trellised vines in South Australia's Riverland.