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Such meetings tend to be formal as their aims are to give the members a real understanding and to discuss any implications or how to put such information to best use. These are meetings used to discuss a specific policy or innovation and can be used to get participants' views of such a policy or idea. An example could be:.

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These meetings are dependent upon the chairperson describing the problem as clearly as possible. Members should be selected according to their experience, expertise or interest and then given as much information as possible to enable them to generate ideas, offer advice and reach conclusions. See also: Problem Solving. See also: Decision Making. Many organisations, clubs and societies hold regular meetings to enable members to report and discuss progress and work in hand, to deliberate current and future planning.

Such meetings can contain elements of each of the four above examples. Of prime importance for the success of any meeting is the attitude and leadership of the chairperson.

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In a meeting, the chairperson is the leader and, as such, has to perform the same function as the leader of any working group. Before any meeting, the chairperson should ask and resolve the following questions:. All meetings must have a purpose or aim and the chairperson must ask questions, questions as:. The chairperson should always consider whether a meeting is necessary or if some other means of communication is more appropriate,for example memos or emails targeted to individuals inviting comment.

Unnecessary meetings may waste time, lead to frustration and negativity and may lower motivation to participate in future meetings.

This will very much depend on the type of meeting to be held. There should be some rationale behind every meeting, no matter how low-level or informal, and this will largely dictate the content and indicate how planning should proceed.

This is often decided by the nature of the meeting itself. In a small organisation, a meeting could well include all members of staff, whereas a working party or committee meeting will already have its members pre-determined. In a large organisation or department, staff attending might well be representing others.

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It is important that the full implications of such representation are realised by the individuals concerned as they are not merely speaking for themselves. Meetings outside the workplace may include members of the board of directors or other interested parties.

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Want to know more? If you need to edit the closed captions, see Edit the recording transcript. If you own the meeting recording, you can also find it on Microsoft Stream. When the recording is uploaded to Microsoft Stream, the recorder is the owner of the video and the people in their org who were invited to the meeting are the viewers.

The owner needs to give permission or download the video to share the recording beyond these people. If you recorded the meeting, you can share the recording with people who are outside of your org or who didn't attend the meeting, but you need to take a few additional steps. Change the permissions for the video to allow groups or individuals to view it in Stream. In the Permissions section, add people or O groups who need viewer or owner access to the video. See Permissions and privacy for details.

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Or share the recording any other way you choose. Record a meeting. Delete a meeting recording. Edit a recording transcript.

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You can view meeting recordings on your mobile device, but you need to use the desktop or web version of Teams to record a meeting. Microsoft Teams. Meetings and calls. Play and share a meeting recording in Teams.