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Overview Jacobus Arminius , the Latinized name of the Dutch theologian Jakob Hermanszoon from the Protestant Reformation period, served from as professor in theology at the University of Leiden. He wrote many books and treatises on theology, and his views became the basis of Arminianism and the Dutch Remonstrant movement.

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Arminius wrote that he sought to teach only those things which could be proved from the Scriptures and that tended toward edification among Christians with the exception of Roman Catholics, with whom he said there could be no spiritual accord. His motto was reputed to be "Bona conscientia paradisus", meaning, "A good conscience is a paradise.

He insists emphatically that grace is gratuitous because it is obtained through God's redemption in Christ, not through human effort.

Public Disputations James Arminius, D.D.

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  • Colleen Garman is not having a good day. Mercenary soldiers have invaded the Mediterranean island of We call upon your honors as competent witnesses to this, our testimony, respecting his fidelity and diligence, because he exercised these virtues under your immediate inspection, for the space of six years; and the truth of our declaration can be no secret to those persons who, while he was in the act of performing his duty to the University, were themselves either not far from the scene of action, or openly beheld and admired his daily and unwearied labors in public and private.

    With regard to his uncommon industry and accurate skill in communicating instruction, which gifts had been bestowed on him by Almighty God, in his ineffable liberality, independently of any merits either on his part or on ours, you always approved of these qualities by your honorable suffrages, and, on all occasions when you considered it either necessary or expedient, you extolled his genius. You also exhibited to him the most indubitable and lucid expressions not only of your very laudable opinion of his talents, but likewise of your consequent intimate affections for him, during the whole period in which he devoted his labors to your honorable service.

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    So that he scarcely ever felt a desire for any thing which he did not obtain. But the best testimony to this character of our father is that given to him, by those persons who either assiduously attended his daily lectures in immense numbers, and several of whom are now performing most important services to the Churches; or by those who resorted, often from places at a great distance, to hear his disputations, and all of whom admired and abundantly eulogized his acute and penetrating genius, but especially his incredible acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures, on which alone he was almost constantly meditating, and to the study of which he had devoted the choicest years of his life.

    These persons were also continually and pertinaciously importunate that the Theses which had been proposed for disputation under him, and which had been written out and placed in order by himself, should be published without the least delay, and brought forth to the light of men, for the benefit of the public, and especially of those who were far removed from Leyden. To their pressing solicitations, after much reluctance on the part of our father, he was at length induced to yield; and he put to press and published those Theses which were extant in his class of Public Disputations, and which, after being written out by himself in so many words, had been appointed, and soon afterwards disputed and discussed under him [as Moderator.

    But, that we may make the studies and labors of our most excellent father still better known to you than they are, most honorable and prudent gentlemen, and to foreigners, as well to those whose residence is nearer to us, we now publish those Theses likewise which he proposed for disputation in his own house, at moments of leisure and on extraordinary occasions; for he had devoted himself entirely to the promotion of the welfare of the students.

    They were proposed as subjects in the last class of his Private Disputations, and were also written out and composed by himself, at the very earnest entreaty of those youthful scholars. Indeed, we publish these Theses in preference to any others; for having already served the purposes of his private disputations, they may now afford abundant testimony to the fidelity and diligence of our father in instructing and adorning the candidates for holy orders.

    Beside the matter or subject on which he treated with so much faithfulness and accuracy, our excellent father, who was a severe judge of method, thought that he would exhibit the order which ought to be observed in compiling a correct system of Theology. Such a plan he had often and long revolved in his mind; and for this purpose had perused, with very great care, almost all the Synopses or large Treatises of Divinity that had been published. The word, arbitrium, "choice," or "free will," properly signifies both the faculty of the mind or understanding, by wh Law in general is defined, either from its End, "an ordinance of right reason for the common and particular Since the law ought to be considered in two respects, not only as it was originally delivered to men constituted in pri Since all offices are instituted and imposed for the sake of a certain end, and on this account bear some resemblance We call this decree "Predestination," in Greek, Proorismon from the verb Proorizein which signifies determine, ap The title contains three terms--vocation, men, salvation, 1.


    The word Vocation denotes a total and entire act, cons Liberty, generally, is a state according to which every one is at his own disposal, and not bound to another pers