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There is no logical way to determine the exact moment when a fetus gains or loses its "human" status. Science continues to verify that a fetus in any stage of development is a human being. One in the process of becoming.

Halting this process is equivalent to terminating a human life. Calling this something other than "killing" would be illogical. A point that is rarely raised when discussing this topic, is that the majority of abortions seem to be committed as an act of birth control.

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But, if an individual decides they are responsible enough to engage in the act of lovemaking, then they should be prepared to deal with the consequences that might follow a passionate evening of intimacy and Luther Vandross music. Responsibility matters. It is amazing how often this simple fact is ignored — sex results in babies.

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And if you didn't know, I am happy to enlighten you. We take such an irresponsible approach on this subject. I suspect it is actually a massive indicator of our society's general lack of intelligence. Why can't we can have access to Tinder, get drunk, and have a one night stand without any consequences?

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OK, maybe you are upset with your partner and look to get revenge, or maybe you are too young to fully understand the outcomes of your actions. But regardless, if you are going to engage in sex, you need to be prepared to own all of the possible consequences. You nee to understand your culpability. And yes, this article also applies to those of you who have a penis. The added pressure that is placed on a woman, even in favorable circumstances and during healthy pregnancy, is overwhelming as it is.

Fellas, when you opt to put your manhood inside a female, realize that you are responsible for the outcome too.

Anything else is the behavior of a worthless tool-bag. Yes, I agree that it is right to preserve the life of the child. However, it is not right to judge those women who are forced to make the decision. You don't know what set of difficult circumstances might have led them to make it. Often times, the very decision becomes a lifelong regret for the woman. And like it or not, we all have plenty of planks to pluck from our own eyes before we start judging other human beings. What Christians should be doing is offering assistance to women in these situations — providing free guidance and love — so that women have a loving place to turn to when they feel alone and discouraged.

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There are a few outreaches that I have worked with in the past. They are so valuable and their results are amazing Christians need to put forth an earnest effort in this area. This issue isn't always black and white.

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Life is life, no question. And yes, abortion is not right. There is no way I could ever look at a woman and blame her for not wanting to carry through such a pregnancy. Interested in what Tony has to say?

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Next Previous. By Anthony Everything Else 0 comment 1 October, 0. Life is all about choices. All it takes is a willingness to see things differently. Space is immeasurable. Scientifically then, you are infinite. Sounds hard? In the meantime, what do you have to lose in looking at your life from a new perspective? Audit a Class. Audit A Class Today.

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Use that memory to figure out what you hold dearest. I can recall two of my earliest moments like that: The first was when I was 12 and learned of the life expectancy associated with cystic fibrosis CF ; the second was when my grandfather died from mesothelioma when I was The common thread running through my head is that I want to maximize my time on this ethereal plane. As I grow older and become more involved with the world, I realize that our contribution is not the only part of our legacy.

Our lives must be filled with what we consider to be important. For instance, compassion is an essential life resource for me, and the most beautiful thing about compassion is that it is limitless. My sister died one year ago. I miss her dearly. Her health was always more fragile than mine. Her life, while filled with suffering, was also replete with meaning. The people she encountered recognized that her soul, while scarred like her body, was brimming with love and zest for life. I have not been shy about my emotions or thoughts about her death. CF gives us a license to consider death more deeply.

We become experts on our own mortality from a young age.