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Overall, it was an enjoyable experience! Fun food and cocktails.

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Small place no view due to it being a basement. Nice for a romantic dinner. Craft cocktails and gumbo are standouts. This was our second trip to the restaurant, our first visit was a few years ago; we brought our extended family this time and had an amazing experience. Everything about the food is great, from the flavor to the presentation.

Even the bread they serve you is memorable. The waitstaff is well trained and eager to help you answer questions about the menu and suggest a cocktail to compliment your meal. In addition to a New Orleans-style experience, Bourbon Street Hideaway has an excellent bar for a relatively small restaurant. Last but not least, the atmosphere is amazing.

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They are located in the basement of a larger bar, so if you have difficulty with stairs this may not be the place for you, but you just feel like you are in some secluded location in New Orleans and you never know what is going to happen. If you're in downtown Fort Wayne and you like cajun cuisine or would like to give it a try be sure you visit this gem. I nearly failed the mission on Valentine's Day.. I waited too long to make reservations, but was able to get in at the Bourbon Street Hideaway for an early dinner. We are so glad it turned out that way. We were lucky enough to park curbside, pretty much at the entrance.

Down the steps we went and found a cozy, unique atmosphere in a New Orleans motif.


We started with drinks. I had the Hurricane, my first ever, and it was quite good. Lisa chose the Debutante, she loved it.

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The entrees included a choice of salad or soup. My wife chose the lettuce wedge, it was dressed with a choice of dressings and an olive relish. It was very good. I chose the gumbo, it was one of the best I've had.

I Will Play For Gumbo

Main course? The chicken was well cooked and moist, and since she doesn't like spicy food, we asked for them to hold the heat.

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It was perfectly seasoned for her. I chose the Crispy Smothered Catfish.

I Will Play For Gumbo

It was flaky and well seasoned, cooked just right. The crawfish etouffee had lots of the little crawfish tails and really added to the bite. I do have to say, the skewer of vegetables, while ok, wasn't any different than a skewer anywhere else.

We had Creme Brulee.. Ranks with the best we have had. The service was outstanding, the pace of the meal was appropriate, and the staff seemed upbeat and pleasant.

Prices were not all that bad considering the uniqueness of the restaurant. A note about our server Maybe it's that voodoo from Marie Leveaux, But I will play for gumbo Yeah, I will play for gumbo The sauce boss does his cookin' on the stage, Stirrin' and a singing for his nightly wage. Sweating and frettin' from his head to his toe, Playin' and swayin' with the gumbo Prayin' and buffetin' with the gumbo [Chorus]. No comments:.

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It's a little like religion And a lot like sex. You should never know When you're gonna get it next. At midnight in the quarter or noon in Thibadeaux I will play for gumbo Yes, I will play for gumbo.