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Although shame and humiliation are human universals , the particular circumstances and events that cause humiliation can vary greatly from one culture to the next. An event that is benign in one culture may cause great offense, shame, and humiliation in another. For example:. Victims of humiliation may be able to achieve resolution through either of two paths. The first is to reappraise the humiliating experience in some way that acknowledges the victim's strength and ability to cope with a difficult situation.

This approach increases self-confidence and diminishes the fear of humiliation. The second path is to leave the degrading environment and find a more appreciative environment. On Apology , by Aaron Lazare. Violence , by James Gilligan. Baumeister, Laura Smart, Joseph M. Hartling, Wellesley College. The Humiliation Dynamic , Donald C.

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Klein, Ph. Contact us at info EmotionalCompetency. Beaumont All rights reserved. Emotional Competency. Explore the Logic of Passion. Humiliation No one likes being treated like dirt You have been insulted, your ego is bruised, your pride is hurt, you have been shown powerless and diminished in some way, and now you are hurt and mad as hell!

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You have just been humiliated, it is unfair, and you don't like feeling foolish. Humiliation often results in violent retaliation and revenge. Remember, at the end of the day, the only opinion of yourself that matters is your own. Definitions: Feeling disrespected. A loss of stature or image. An image change reflecting a decrease in what others believe about your stature.

Induced shame To reduce the pride or fail to recognize the dignity of another An event perceived to cause loss of honor and induce shame. Feeling powerless.

How Being Humiliated Can Make You A Great Leader

Being unjustly forced into a degrading position. Ridicule, scorn, contempt or other treatment at the hands of others. Appreciation is the opposite of humiliation. Humiliation and Shame Shame is private, humiliation is public. Forms of Humiliation Humans have many ways to slight others and humiliate them. For example: Overlooking someone, taking them for granted, ignoring them, giving them the silent treatment, treating them as invisible, or making them wait unnecessarily for you, Rejecting someone, holding them distant, abandoned, or isolated, Withholding acknowledgement, denying recognition, manipulating recognition, Denying someone basic social amenities, needs , or human dignity , Manipulating people or treating them like objects it or animals, rather than as a person thou.

Treating people unfairly, Domination, control, manipulation, abandonment, Threats or abuse including: verbal e. Being the victim of a practical joke, prank, or confidence scheme. False accusation or insinuation, Public shame, disrespect, or being dis'ed, downgraded, defeated, or slighted Forced nakedness, Rape or incest, Seeing your love interest flirt with another, induced jealousy, violating your love interest, cuckolding, Seeing your wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter sexually violated, Dishonor, Poverty, unemployment, bad investments, debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, imprisonment, homelessness, punishment, powerlessness, Denigration of a person's values , beliefs , heritage, race, gender, appearance, characteristics, or affiliations, Dependency, especially on weaker people, Losing a dominance contest.

Being forced to submit. Trespass such as violating privacy or other boundaries, Violating, denying, or suppressing human rights , Losing basic personal freedoms such a mobility, access, or autonomy; being controlled, dominated, intruded on, exploited, or manipulated, Diminished competency resulting from being disabled, immobilized, tricked, weakened, trapped, mislead, thwarted goals, opposed, sabotage, or let down.

Diminished resources resulting from being defrauded, robbed, cheated, evicted, or being deprived of privileges, or rights, Having safety or security reduced by intimidation or threat, Dismissing, discounting, or silencing your story, Being treated as an equal by a lower stature person.

The Paradox of Humiliation An insult usually hurts, but it is important to resolve in your own mind, based on evidence , why the insult hurts.

Decide if the insult: is an unjustified attack that does not decrease your stature, diminish your self-image, nor tarnish your public image or reputation, or is justified and has diminished your public image or reputation, or is justified and has diminished or revised your self-image. Public Image, Self-Image, Stature, and Revenge For an insult to diminish your public image , the public has to believe it is true.

Consequences Humiliation has been linked to academic failure, low self-esteem , social isolation, underachievement, marital conflict, delinquency, abuse, discrimination, depression , learned helplessness , social disruption, torture, and even death. Match the pasta with its meaning in Italian. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time.

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Examples of humiliate in a Sentence I hope I don't humiliate myself during the presentation. First Known Use of humiliate circa , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for humiliate Late Latin humiliatus , past participle of humiliare , from Latin humilis low — more at humble. Learn More about humiliate. Time Traveler for humiliate The first known use of humiliate was circa See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near humiliate humification humified humifuse humiliate humiliating humiliative humility See More Nearby Entries.

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