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She decides Forbidden Bigfoot: Exposing the Controversial Truth about. Mysterious footprints.

SC EP:6 Witness Encounter: Face to Face with Sasquatch

Eerie screams. For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind. Countless books and documentaries have offered up the same explanation, She yearns for a normal He's supposed to be an expert in the mechanics of primate locomotion, so it seems like he'd be EXACTLY the right guy to evaluate your print.

Did he get to see the cast itself, or just pics? My name is Michael Esordi and as a long time and legitimate member of the cryptozoology community I would like to address a few points in this article by James Snyder. Snyder contacted me some time after his discovery of the footprint in Ramona, CA.

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When I met with Mr. Snyder he showed me some photographs and his cast, but when I enquired about the possibility of seeing the site to obtain better evidence he refused. However, I respected Mr. I posted the amateur photos Mr. Snyder took to the website to allow researchers across the nation to examine them and comment. As a result I did have a number of well-known and highly respected researchers comment. However, given the quality of the images it was difficult for any real determination to be made at that time regarding the footprint. On the occasions I met with Mr.

Snyder he conveyed two things to me. One was that he wanted to determine what had made the footprint and the other was to see what kind of monetary compensation could be made from his find.

SASQUATCH, Communities And Douche Bags

After some discussion, I obtained Mr. I personally covered all costs of production and manufacture on the item and did place it into commerce on my website. However, there was minimal interest in the item and no profits were ever made on it. Given this fact, I discontinued sale of the item after a relatively short period of time. Around the time of my relocation to the East coast I attempted to contact Mr.

Snyder on a number of occasions as I wanted to follow up with him on to my decision to pull the cast and to discuss feedback from the researchers who were interested in the footprint. Unfortunately, Mr. Snyder chose to not respond back to me and I was left assuming his interest in the matter had waned. I feel Mr. Again, I would like to set the record straight and say I never made a profit on the cast I produced and I did attempt to contact Mr.

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Snyder on numerous occasions with no response back from him. In all of my interactions with Mr. Snyder I only conducted myself with the utmost professionalism and with a high level of integrity as I have a reputation in the research community I have spent many years building. Unfortunately, in his article, I feel Mr. Snyder has portrayed legitimate and highly qualified researchers in the field of cryptozoology in an unfavorable and unfair light.

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Does Mr. Esordi protest too much? Libel is a tort of commission, not omission. The test for libel is a very high bar of proof.

12. An Australian Yowie Sighting

Cool it. There I was, minding my own business eating a bean and cheese chimichanga, when who do you think reached right over and took a bite? He just gives me this toothy grin, strokes his beard, and says, "Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, punk?

Now I'm a peaceful guy and everything, and I don't go around picking fights with mythical creatures from the northwest slumming in San Diego. You should have seen him. What a total baby! He was all crying and begging, "Please, please, don't hurt me, Fred! I'll make an imprint for you, for reals, man. Just don't hurt me. No, we need to be saved by YOU, my friend ;. Just take care. Your prescription for expulsion is contraindicated by your own production and retention --the saving of--your own hits ;. I didn't think I had it in me to throw, with the same alacrity, indelicate syntax to match your brutal malversation to the story itself and to my post.

Don't keep kicking the man when he is already down!!! Don't we sound silly? Honestly, I think you have the gift of glib and I like the feisty way you handle yourself, very much like I was at a younger age We are only playing around here, though I'll let you in on a little secret--I've only been blogging in the wilds of the Internet about a year, but can tell you, these here blogger types are a bit snarky now and then.

You'd better bring the 50 SPF, rainproof bibles, and plenty of shiny trinkets to amuse the savages while you save their souls. Netbooks might help, too, if your mission can afford them. Aww, your assumptions about my age, conduct, and feist level are adorable--matched only in cuteness by your attempt to seat yourself, yogic-style, on an important cloud within the moral ether. I have to say this is a silly article and should only be given the topic for humor and how far people will go to promote their opions and not any value for scientific inquery.

I have spoken to the author and his conclusions and opinion have no basis in scientific fact nor reason.

I also hike all around the hills of San Diego county and have many pictures of the very strange rock patterns due to wind, rain and fire on the granite of the region. I have seen many very interesting erosional patterns in the Mount Woodson granidorite we have all around the area. For the article author to suggest that "bigfoot" left the impression in molten granite is laughable.

The granite here is tens of millions years old and was formed deep underground by the typical subduction processes that existed on SoCal coast million years ago. In my opinion this article is solely for the purpose of self promotion and fantasy.