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He said he could not go ahead with an organised parade because if someone was injured there could be litigation.

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Now the service will begin at Government legislation, in which a licence is required for road closures, is to blame. More to the point is whether a person is likely to be chosen. As John has pointed out, it is unlikely that anyone will be appointed to this very large diocese without already being at least a suffragan bishop. Another good evangelical candidate would be Graham Cray.

But I would hate to see him taken away from his Fresh Expressions work. Also at 62 he is a little on the old side. They do things differently in Scotland - they are advertising for a new Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway in today's Church Times! I don't however think Chelmsford will get a 'new' Bishop as we are the second biggest Diocese in the country, but there might be some interesting shifting around of the current Bishops and Archdeacons Just in case anyone is wondering re the posting policy on this thread proper full name and location , if you click on 6p00dc05cef's link above, you'll find she is "Alice Smith, Essex, wife to Andy, mum to Matilda Grace, currently youth adviser for the anglican church, loving life and tea and all that God brings!

Hi, I'd like to suggest me Vicar.

I think my Vicar would make an excellent Bishop but would probably dislike me saying so, at least publically, so blame me My Vicar is the Rev. Sarah Chapman I'm still rather keen on Sam Norton , who seems an all-round decent fellow with a few Admittedly, my involvement with Chelmsford so far has largely been limited to visiting various blogs from its vicinity.

And Woody is Richard Wood, Leyton. Why don't people read the instructions?? Alice Smith for Bishop, now there's a thought. Well-known in the diocese at least in my part of it , full of life and with lots of good ideas - a veritable John Sentamu! I have heard it said that all dioceses in need of a Bishop want another John Sentamu. However, more realistically it's Bishop Pete. Of course there would be those who disagree - a lot would have disagreed with the last Bishop John, but he was still appointed. Bishop Wallace Benn has the staggering disadvantage of actually being a parish priest for 25 years before his consecration, but he's now 62 and has one eye on his pension.

Even Bishop Pete is 57, but he could give us 13 years before the axe finally drops. I also like the idea of Michael Lawson, but he's only an archdeacon at the moment. If we want to go for a blogger as Michael suggested but also think an existing bishop is to be preferred, we could consider Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham 54 this year and apparently my contemporary at Cambridge, though I don't remember him , or Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon 52 this year.

Both are suffragans of the right sort of age and experience both consecrated And both have an evangelical background.

Blame it on the Devon Vicar

Oh, as we're only dealing in positives, I'd like to add that Jeffrey John is celibate,and that would be a great witness to the world. Frank, Merseyside. Both understand a great deal about how to make the Gospel intelligible and in a fractured, mass-media-but-niche-marketing world And one more from me An Essex boy coming home?!? Richard Frith, currently in Hull? He's also been in Hull since and may look for a move before retirement? Who knows Anonymous - interesting suggestions about names from Bas[ing]stoke but, no full name and no address, and as I've said, without these I won't accept the comment.

Frank, I've been trying to avoid people discussing what they don't like about proposed candidates. Let's stick to positive proposals here. Negatives can come later. Richard Frith is an interesting suggestion. He is a remarried divorced man, married to a remarried divorced woman. I would have no problem with someone in that marital arrangement. I only ask this because the issue of divisiveness has been raised, not to cast any slur on the bishop or his wife.

If it would not be divisive, then where is the line to be drawn. If it would be divisive, then who will escape whipping in these puritan times? I'm lost here. What have I said that is negative? This is a serious question. If you mean my post about Richard Frith.

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I made it clear that I did not think anything I said was negative, though others might. His marital state is part of his CV.

It is of no concern to me, I only raise it in the context of the discussion about divisiveness, and for the light it might throw on that issue. Frank, thanks for that clarification. I took it as a potential negative, but clearly it wasn't meant that way. If for some reason your order has not arrived within 14 days please get in contact with us so that we can help you. Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide combined shipping rates. World of Books Australia was founded in We offer great value books on a wide range of subjects and we now ship over two million orders each year to satisfied customers throughout the world.

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