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You get: 1 compliance support in the industry. As far as we are concerned, your complete satisfaction is the only option. The Discrimination and Sexual Harassment notice covers Reasonable Accommodations, Retaliation, and information for submitting a Report. The notice is required for all business in certain categories. Please follow the link for more information. The state of Illinois has released the new Pregnancy Notice.

This is a completely new notice. The web addersses have changed and a new section regarding penalties for violations that contribute to an employee fatality has been added. A "40 hours per non-school week" condition has been added to all age categories. Because of this, the 14 and 15 year old category also includes a juxtaposition with Federal law. The new poster adds Veterans Status as a protected class. Indiana has passed a law banning smoking in public business with some exceptions, such as bars and private clubs.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

The law requires signage to be posted near entrances. Signage: The state has not yet released an official version. The law states that the phrase "State Law Prohibits Smoking Within 8 Feet of this Entrance" should be included, though other signage seems to be permitted. The state has banned all cities and counties from establishing their own Minimum Wage separate from the state's. Employees now have less time to notify Employers of on the job accidents or injuries from repetitive trauma. Previously Employees were required to notify an Employer of the injury within 30 days.

Now they have either: 20 days from the date of the accident or injury from repetitive trauma, 20 days from the date the Employee seeks medical treatment if still working for the Employer, or, 10 days from the last day of employment if the Employee no longer works for the Employer against whom they are seeking the claim. This is a material substantive change and a new, Kansas All—In-One poster is required. Pregnancy is now on the list of illegal reasons to discriminate and the notice now includes reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees that employers must supply upon request.

Child Labor - A new category has been added for "16 and 17 years with Parental Permission". Also, the name of the Division in charge has been amended to "Division of Wages and Hours". Also, the contact information has been updated. The new notice updates the employer responsibilities section to require communicating to employees about hazardous substances in the workplace, making certain records available to employees, and expands reporting requirements.

The state has banned all cities from establishing their own Minimum Wage separate from the state's. The email to contact the Maine Bureau of Labor Standards has changed to: bls. The new notice now includes definitions to clarify basic terms of the ordinance and has replaced the details of how not to get hurt working a computer with general guidelines of education and training.

The notice is back-dated to April but the notice was just released. Maine has not given a reason for the 6 month delay. The law now also protects people under the age of 18 in agricultural jobs. Instead of listing particular occupations for the restriction of age groups, conditions are now in place: "…occupations declared hazardous and jeopardize their health, well-being or educational opportunities" for 14 and 15 year olds.

The express notification that minors under the age of 14 are not allowed to work in most businesses has been removed.

Child Labor Laws - Facts and Misconceptions

Since the new layout does not include any guidelines for this age group, it may be assumed this is till true. In any case, contact the Bureau of Labor Standards for more information. Contact information is included on the notice. Employers that utilize tip credit are now required to provide a written or electrical statement reflecting pay rate and tips for tip credits. The previous year's Minimum Wage has been removed and the current year's Minimum Wage now has the yellow outline around it.

The Earned Sick and Safe Leave notice has been added to the state poster. The state of Maryland has released a draft sample of their employee notice poster until they finalize one based on feedback, for which no estimated time has been given. If customers have specific questions or comments regarding the law, the state wants to hear from them. For additional information, please refer customers to.

Texas Labor Law Posters

Since this is not the final version, it will be offered as a standalone poster. Once the final version is released, we will update our state poster. Some of the areas served have been shuffled between the 3 points of contact. Upon initial contact with the state back in September, we were told this was a non-substantial change but, since then, it turns out to be a substantial change.

Maryland has released a new version of the Equal Pay notice. The new notice includes new information regarding the enforcement of the law. Enforcement a Whenever the Commissioner determines that this subtitle has been violated, the Commissioner shall: 1 Try to resolve any issue involved in the violation informally by mediation; or 2 Ask the Attorney General to bring an action on behalf of the applicant or employee. Employees will deduct payroll contributions for PFML benefits. Massachusetts has revised their Unemployment Insurance notice.

Along with some formatting changes and the deletion of information regarding the use of a Social Security number for filing claims online, they have added the specification that claimants for UI must be in the United States, its territories, or Canada to claim or certify for UI benefits.

CUNY Mississippi Project 2013 - with Mississippi Workers' Center for Human Rights

Massachusetts has released the notice required for the Earned Sick Leave law that was recently enacted and goes into effect on July 1st. They had released a factsheet, but claimed a poster was forthcoming. They have now stated that they will not be creating a poster. The new Paid Medical Leave notice has been added to the state poster. It goes into effect March 29th and eplains coverage, accrual, usage, employee rights, and penalties.

The state is reverting to the old poster, ours is version 4.

2013 Mississippi Labor Law Posters

Michigan has released a new version of their Safety and Health notice. Included among the changes are additional requirements that employers report any work-related fatalities to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs within 8 hours and any inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and loss of eyes within 24 hours. The notice was released in September but back dated to July.

Age Discrimination - The text has been consolidated, exceptions are mentioned though details must be acquired from the Department of Labor and Industry, and contact information has been updated. OSHA - The only change was the removal of the physical address at the bottom of the notice. Workers' Compensation - The only change was the removal of the physical address at the bottom of the notice.

For employers with twenty-four 24 or more employees, this chapter is effective July 1, For employers with twenty-thress 23 or fewer employees, this chapter is effective January 1, For employers operating in their first six 6 months after the hire date of the employer's first employee, the employer is required to provide unpaid sick and safe time but is not required to provide paid sick and safe time. After six 6 months, the employer will be subject to this chapter. This subsection will sunset on January 1, , at which point all employers will be subject to full enforcement.